What dimensions should garden furniture have?

So that you can comfortably spend long evenings or summer days on your garden chairs, you should pay attention to the correct dimensions and ergonomics of your garden furniture.

The seat height is crucial

When it comes to the seat height of your garden chairs, the golden rule is that it should be between 40-50 cm. Of course, the optimal seat height depends on your own height. But since you usually have people of different heights in your family or among your guests, a middle ground is the right choice here.

Have so our garden chairs for example a seat height of 44 or 46 cm. If you have back or hip problems, you can increase the seat height a little. In addition to normal pillows, orthopedic pillows or a wedge pillow are suitable for this. A higher seating position helps you to find space in the chairs more easily and to get up more easily and also relieves pressure on your hips and groin. This can significantly improve seating comfort, especially as you get older.

The right ergonomics for your back

Another question you will ask yourself when choosing your garden chairs is the right height of the backrest. A high-backed chair is probably the most comfortable choice, as you can lean your entire upper body against the backrest. Especially those who want to spend a lot of time on their garden chair should opt for a high-back chair. Ideally, this also has a curvature in the backrest that supports your spine when sitting. You will find our garden chairs with such a lumbar support (or lumbar support). here.

However, if you generally have no problems with sitting for long periods, you can also choose garden chairs with a low backrest. The advantage here: Often chairs with a low backrest can be stacked or stowed away better and generally require less space, which means that you can seat more guests at the table. A good example of such a chair is ours stackable teak chair.

Choosing the right seating group

The seat height also results in the optimum height for the matching table. Usually the table height should be approx. 30 cm above the seat height to find comfortable space. With a seat height of 40-50 cm, the table should have a height of 70-80 cm. Just like our garden chairs, ours also have Garden tables a good average of 75 or 77 cm. This means that you can combine any of our garden chairs with our tables without worrying about the right size.

Teak folding chair with folding table
Teak garden bench with armrests

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