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What are the characteristics of wooden garden furniture?

Garden furniture couldn't be more natural: wood is the timeless classic for balcony and patio furniture. But if you expect the garden chair to look the same after many years as it did on the first day, you have made the wrong choice when it comes to wood.

Wooden furniture: diverse and natural

Wood is the timeless classic when it comes to garden furniture. Wooden garden furniture is popular precisely because the natural material blends harmoniously into the rest of the garden environment. Regardless of whether it has a modern design, Scandinavian or classic country house style: wood suits many different types of garden and is considered to be noble and robust. You can also use wooden garden furniture in conservatories or on balconies and roof terraces to create a welcome contrast to the home environment.

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Which wood is best?

If you pay attention to the type of wood used when choosing your wooden garden furniture and are aware that wood changes when exposed to the weather, you will enjoy this furniture for a long time. You can find out which wood is best suited for garden furniture in our detailed guide Comparison of the different types of wood, which are commonly used for garden furniture.

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