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Which garden furniture lasts the longest?

Since garden furniture is made from a wide variety of materials, there are also major differences in durability. Here you can find out what you should pay attention to in order to be able to enjoy your garden furniture for a long time.

Industrial materials also have disadvantages

When comparing the durability of different garden furniture, the material used plays a particularly important role. For example, it is difficult to compare garden furniture made of stainless steel with those made of wood. Of course, patio furniture made with industrial materials like stainless steel and aluminum will last the longest. However, the long durability also comes with a corresponding price. Disposal is also difficult.


Old garden chair
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The right wood lasts a long time

If you compare garden furniture made of good hardwood with plastic furniture, the difference in durability outdoors is actually not that big. For example, did you choose furniture? real teak decided, they can last well over 25 years outdoors and with little maintenance. Teak (Tectona Grandis) has the resistance class (or durability class) 1 and therefore has a high natural resistance to external influences such as fungi and insects. It can therefore definitely keep up with most garden furniture made of plastic. In addition, the teak wood ages "with dignity" and acquires a natural patina over the years, which means that it blends harmoniously into your garden environment.

The durability of wood also differs

The Plastics it can happen that these become brittle and fade. As a result, you may not necessarily enjoy your garden furniture for a long time, even if it has a long service life. Real acacia outdoor furniture can last as long as teak. However, due to the low occurrence of acacia trees, there is only a manageable range of garden furniture made from this hardwood. Black locust and eucalyptus, which are also among the common woods in the production of wooden garden furniture, also have a high level of durability outdoors, but cannot compete with acacia or teak.

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