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What are the characteristics of metal garden furniture?

Metal garden furniture has not yet gone out of fashion. From cast iron to modern frames made of aluminum: the variety is great. But how questionable are the plastics used and is the furniture made from industrial materials really as durable as one would expect?

The classic - garden furniture made of iron

Metals are far less common in the manufacture of garden furniture than wood and plastic. The most traditional material is probably Iron, which used to be processed into filigree garden furniture using elaborate wrought iron work, but which are now also manufactured industrially. With the right coating, iron can also last a long time outdoors, but it may need to be protected from constant contact with moisture and rain. In addition, such garden furniture, some of which is also made of cast iron, is relatively heavy and can leave marks on your balcony or terrace when you move it.

garden chair iron
Garden chair steel

How good is garden furniture made of aluminum or stainless steel?

garden furniture off Aluminium are much lighter than their iron counterparts and also very durable. Here, however, you should pay attention to the environmental aspect, since the production of aluminum is very energy-intensive and the material is not always recyclable. Also Stainless Steel is now often used for garden furniture, but is even more expensive than aluminum and clearly heavier. Interesting garden furniture can arise when using high quality woods, for example stainless steel Teak, is combined. These materials harmonize well together and are long-lasting.

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