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How do I oil my wooden garden furniture?

Wooden garden furniture can optionally be treated with the right oil. In addition to an improved appearance, oil also has protective properties.

Do I have to oil my garden furniture?

With garden furniture made of durable hardwood such as teak, oiling is not absolutely necessary. The wood develops a beautiful natural patina on its own. Nevertheless, it can make sense to take care of the wood from time to time in order to regain a better appearance. Choosing the right oil is crucial here.




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The right oil provides additional protection

If your Teak garden furniture If you want to oil, you can easily use our countertop oil use. This is also suitable for other precious woods. The oil ensures that less dirt and moisture can penetrate the wood and gives the wood a natural strong colour. 


First of all, make sure that the furniture is free of dust and grease and is dry. Especially if you have previously sanded or cleaned garden furniture. The oil should be shaken well before use and then applied wet-on-wet with a lint-free cotton cloth, brush or roller. Then massage in the oil with a cotton cloth without leaving any residue until the entire surface appears completely dry. After 24 hours you can polish again with a cotton cloth.

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