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How do I clean my wooden garden furniture?

Cleaning wooden garden furniture is quick and easy. With the right instructions and cleaning agents, you can quickly achieve success and give your garden furniture a neat appearance again.

How do I properly clean my garden furniture?

With fine hardwoods such as teak, you do not necessarily have to clean or even oil the garden furniture regularly. These woods are so durable that they last a very long time without care. Teak is said to have a durability of more than 25 years outdoors. Over time, only a natural, authentic patina develops on the wood ("silvering" with teak).

Nevertheless, the wood of the garden furniture can naturally accumulate dirt over time or develop a biofilm on the surface. In this case, we simply recommend the teak furniture with a patio cleaner to treat. Depending on the age, the wooden furniture will appear in a nice clean shade of gray again after cleaning or the natural color will return. 

Terrace cleaner effect

Clean wooden garden furniture with patio cleaner

With a patio cleaner based on oxalic acid (easily biodegradable), you can remove dirt, fungus, gray haze and algae from garden furniture. Especially with already weathered garden furniture, the cleaner can quickly bring the desired result. 


If you our Biomaderas patio cleaner use, mix the powder in a ratio of 1 to 10 with lukewarm water in a bucket. Then apply the solution to the garden furniture with a watering can or similar. After 10 minutes exposure time, you can vigorously scrub the furniture with a root brush. Then simply rinse the garden furniture with clear water. 


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