cutting wooden tiles

Not every terrace or balcony can be fully covered with the 30 x 30 cm wooden tiles. Therefore, the tiles sometimes have to be cut to size on the side edges of the planned wooden floor. Here you can find out how to do this and what you need to bear in mind.

Instructions for cutting wooden tiles

  1. Lay the wooden tiles on your surface up to the edge where a complete tile no longer fits.
  2. Measure the required tile size with a ruler or tape measure. You should keep a distance of 10-15mm to solid structures.
  3. Mark the cut on the top of the wood tile with a pencil.
  4. Check whether there are screws in the planned cut and remove them before cutting.
  5. Cut along the drawn line.
  6. Check whether the wooden slats are still sufficiently fastened after cutting and, if necessary, screw the wooden slats to the plastic grid from the underside with additional screws.
  7. Regrind the cut edge to avoid splinters and hard edges.
Teak wood tiles, balcony
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Tips for cutting wooden tiles

  • The best way to cut wooden tiles is with a circular saw or hand-held circular saw. Cutting with a handsaw or jigsaw is also possible, but more laborious.
  • If you are working with an electric hand saw, first fasten the wooden tiles to a solid surface with a screw clamp.
  • Start laying the tiles at a corner of the area to avoid cutting the tiles for only one or two sides of the area.
  • A good electric saw will cut wood and plasti-grid at once.
  • The best cut is achieved by cutting the tiles on the top.

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Our wooden tiles


Cumaru wood tiles, FSC 100%
Price: €72 per m2, resistance class: 1

Advantages: ✓ best durability ✓ particularly robust and scratch-resistant

Disadvantages: ✗ partly rough surface

Tip:Sand tiles after initial exposure to weather.


Garapa wood tiles, FSC 100%
Price: €72 per m2, resistance class: 1-2

Advantages: ✓ smooth surface ✓ homogeneous, light color

Disadvantages: ✗ Ferrous substances lead to discolouration

Tip: Patio cleaning removes discoloration


Jatoba wood tiles, FSC 100%
Price from: €72 per m2, resistance class: 1-2

Advantages: ✓ smooth surface ✓ strong color and grain

Disadvantages:✗ unoiled tendency to crack ✗ colored ingredients wash out

Tip:Clean and oil tiles after installation.


Teak wood tiles, FSC 100%
Price: €83 per m2, resistance class: 1

Advantages:✓ Best durability and dimensional stability ✓ Lowest risk of cracks and splinters

Disadvantages: ✗ slightly more expensive

Tip: Terrace oil is not necessary if silvering is desired.