DPD parcel delivery


The shipping of our wooden tiles

As a rule, we send the wooden tiles with the DPD parcel service. Only larger orders (approx. more than 200 kilograms total weight) are shipped on a one-way pallet with a forwarding agent.

Parcel shipping with DPD

If we send the wooden tiles with the parcel service, you will receive one or more parcels. None of the packages weighs more than 25,5 kilograms and is still easy to move. After shipping, you will receive a notification by e-mail in which the exact delivery period will be announced. Delivery is usually 3 working days after ordering. Unfortunately, delivery on public holidays is not possible. If you are not on site when the delivery is made, you will be notified and another delivery date will be agreed. You can also specify an alternative delivery address or an alternative delivery period for your wooden tiles.

Forwarding shipment on pallet

If your order exceeds a total weight of 200 kilograms (more than 250 teak tiles or more than 135 Cumaru tiles), it will be shipped on a one-way pallet by a forwarding agency. The delivery time in this case is usually seven working days. The forwarding agent will contact you by telephone or e-mail to agree on an exact delivery date in advance. The delivery takes place up to the curb, the unloading takes place via a lifting platform. Please note that the packaging material - such as the one-way pallet - is part of the delivery and cannot be taken away by the truck.

Shipping Rate

The shipping costs are calculated according to the weight of the delivery. The lower limit for mainland Germany is €5,95 per order, the upper limit is €150 per order. You will receive an exact calculation of the shipping costs when you put the tiles in your shopping cart and visit the checkout. We would also be happy to make you an exact offer with our terrace planner.

Plan a wooden tile terrace now.

We will provide you with a laying plan and an offer with transport costs and accessories. This service is, of course, free of charge and non-binding.

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Our certified wooden tiles


Cumaru wood tiles, FSC 100%
Price: €72 per m2, resistance class: 1

Advantages: ✓ best durability ✓ particularly robust and scratch-resistant

Disadvantages: ✗ partly rough surface

Tip:Sand tiles after initial exposure to weather.


Garapa wood tiles, FSC 100%
Price: €72 per m2, resistance class: 1-2

Advantages: ✓ smooth surface ✓ homogeneous, light color

Disadvantages: ✗ Ferrous substances lead to discolouration

Tip: Patio cleaning removes discoloration


Jatoba wood tiles, FSC 100%
Price from: €72 per m2, resistance class: 1-2

Advantages: ✓ smooth surface ✓ strong color and grain

Disadvantages:✗ unoiled tendency to crack ✗ colored ingredients wash out

Tip:Clean and oil tiles after installation.


Teak wood tiles, FSC 100%
Price: €83 per m2, resistance class: 1

Advantages:✓ Best durability and dimensional stability ✓ Lowest risk of cracks and splinters

Disadvantages: ✗ slightly more expensive

Tip: Terrace oil is not necessary if silvering is desired.