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Calculate working height in the kitchen

Cooking and working in the kitchen should be ergonomically as comfortable as possible. It is therefore worthwhile to determine the personal working height and plan the kitchen accordingly. There are very different recommendations for the optimal height of a kitchen worktop - we present two ways to calculate your individual working height.

Calculate with body size

The simplest orientation is your own height:

Height working height
155cm 85cm
160cm 90cm
165 93cm
170cm 95cm
175cm 97cm
180cm 100cm
185cm 103cm
190cm 106cm
195cm 108cm
200cm 110cm
kitchen worktop

Calculate using the elbow height

With the elbow method, you measure the distance between the floor and bent elbows. Keep your arms relaxed in front of you – the normal working position in the kitchen. Subtract 10 - 15 centimeters from the determined value and get your personal working height.

The human being as a benchmark

Both methods are suitable for getting an approximation and orientation for your personal working height. Basically, of course, the following applies: You must feel comfortable with the working height. The calculated dimensions are therefore approximate values. The measure of the work surface height should be based on the person in the household who spends the most time in the kitchen.

Washbasin teak tree edge 40mm

Kitchen planning

Some kitchen planners propose different heights for the sink area, hobs, oven and work surface. We advise you to neglect the often higher estimated washing area: in times of dishwashers, washing up is no longer the main activity in the kitchen.

However, an oven at worktop height is very pleasant for the back – if this is possible. a deeper one cooking level can be useful if you want to make it easier to look into the cooking pot and to handle pots.

The overall impression of the kitchen is certainly one of the decisive factors for many people. Too many different heights tend to create unrest in the appearance. Therefore, most people decide on a consistent height based on elbow height or height.

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