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Outdoor use

A wooden panel outdoors must meet high technical requirements. But it also has to be installed and used correctly – and the wood will still change, turn gray and crack. If you expect something different, you should choose a different material.

If so teak

Only very durable and dimensionally stable wood should be used outdoors. Teak offers the best values ​​among all types of wood. Our solid wood panels are made of teak of the best resistance class, the glue used is weatherproof. Nevertheless, the following must be observed:

The uneven moisture on the top and bottom can lead to warping of the panel. It should be ensured that these are screwed well to a frame or cross braces. It also helps if the plate is regularly cleaned of standing water.

In the change between summer and winter, the wood can work and the wood can show signs of aging, such as cracking or the material turning grey. This process can be delayed but not completely stopped by treating the surface with oil or boat varnish.

Lasting joy

If you are aware of these natural properties of the material and take the appropriate measures, you will also have a lot of fun with the teak panel outdoors.

If you have doubts about whether you can implement the design requirements, use our better teak strips. With these, joints can be installed on the surface, which minimize the risk of warping and ensure water drainage.

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