Teak board 140 x 80cm, 18mm thick

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Varnish wooden panel

Varnishes seal the wood surface and ensure that neither dirt settles nor water can penetrate the wood. From an aesthetic point of view, a glossy surface is obtained, with the wood pattern showing through.

Advantages and disadvantages

Varnishing is more work: the wood has to be sanded before it can be varnished. Multiple sanding and painting passes may be necessary. If signs of wear, such as small dents, appear after a while, the entire panel should be sanded and repainted. Another disadvantage is that the breathability of the natural product wood is completely suppressed and that paints are often not environmentally friendly.

Teak top 18mm finger-jointed

How a plate is varnished

The surface should be dust-free and, in the case of untreated wood, sanded with a 120 grit. If there are other layers of paint on the wood, or if the surface is uneven, coarser grit sandpaper should be used. The surface is then cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth.

When the surface is completely dust-free and dry, painting can begin. The information provided by the manufacturer, particularly with regard to the drying time, must be observed.

Larger areas are painted evenly with a paint roller. Brushes can be used for individual spots. After a drying time of usually 24 hours, another coat of paint can be applied. Primers before the first coat of paint or sealing paints are also possible, which should increase the resistance. In most cases, however, one or two coats of paint are sufficient - although it always depends on the desired use.

Teak wood panel pictures

The masterpieces of our customers.

We are amazed at what our customers make out of our wood: wooden terraces in the most improbable shapes, raised beds, ship decks, washstands, bedside cabinets, mobile homes. But see for yourself.

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