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Advice on wooden terrace elements

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about our prefabricated terrace elements made of teak or Cumaru. You can get a short answer by clicking on the question. For more information please click on the button below the answer.


The amount required depends on the size of the wooden decking elements. It is best to use our free terrace planner for terrace elements and can create a suitable installation plan.

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The price of prefabricated wooden decking elements differs depending on the size of the element and the type of wood used. Substructure and concealed fastening are already included. The amount of work involved in laying is significantly lower than with a wooden terrace of comparable quality made from individual decking boards.

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Small quantities of wooden decking elements are sent by courier. Larger orders are sent by courier. The delivery usually takes place 2 weeks after ordering, as the elements are individually made to order.

Shipping Notes

So that you can convince yourself of the quality of our wooden terrace elements, we send wood samples free of charge and with no shipping costs within Germany.

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A wooden terrace made of elements can be built without much effort: lay it down, connect it, done! You can find building instructions here:

Build a terrace with elements

With terrace elements, even large terrace areas can be laid quickly and easily in a very short time. No other tools are required apart from a hammer.


Our terrace elements made of teak or cumaru can be dismantled very easily - to clean the subsurface or if you want to move your wooden terrace.

Dismantle wooden terrace elements

If you want to keep the color of your wooden decking elements longer and want to protect the wooden decking from graying, you should use a colorless decking oil with UV protection. There are also suitable agents for cleaning in our Shop.

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Whether a decking wood is good depends primarily on the choice of wood type and the type of processing. Influencing the quality: wood sorting, natural durability, drying and origin of the wood.


Above all, the durability of the wood used determines the durability of a wooden terrace. Our terrace elements are made of particularly durable teak or cumaru and are mounted with stainless steel screws.



The decking boards for our wooden decking elements come from sustainable forestry in Latin America. The assembly takes place individually for each customer in Germany.


Thanks to the high ecological and social standards that are achieved in forest management and production of the decking boards of our decking elements, the decking boards of our elements have been awarded the FSC-100% certificate.




Cumaru wood tiles, FSC 100%
Price: €72 per m2, resistance class: 1

Advantages: ✓ best durability ✓ particularly robust and scratch-resistant

Disadvantages: ✗ partly rough surface

Tip:Sand tiles after initial exposure to weather.

Not available


Teak wood tiles, FSC 100%
Price: €83 per m2, resistance class: 1

Advantages:✓ Best durability and dimensional stability ✓ Lowest risk of cracks and splinters

Disadvantages: ✗ slightly more expensive

Tip: Terrace oil is not necessary if silvering is desired.


Jatoba wood tiles, FSC 100%
Price from: €72 per m2, resistance class: 1-2

Advantages: ✓ smooth surface ✓ strong color and grain

Disadvantages:✗ unoiled tendency to crack ✗ colored ingredients wash out

Tip:Clean and oil tiles after installation.


Garapa wood tiles, FSC 100%
Price: €72 per m2, resistance class: 1-2

Advantages: ✓ smooth surface ✓ homogeneous, light color

Disadvantages: ✗ Ferrous substances lead to discolouration

Tip: Patio cleaning removes discoloration