The price per square meter of the teak elements depends on the required size of the elements. A pre-assembled wooden terrace with these terrace modules costs around €150 per square meter. Here is an overview of the prices. Many other dimensions are in our Online-Shop available.

Species plank width Substructure Average price per sqm
Cumaru 90 mm flat €114
Cumaru 90 mm hoch €133
Cumaru 120 mm flat €119
Cumaru 120 mm hoch €139
garapa 145 mm flat €107
garapa 145 mm hoch €125
Teak 50 mm flat €207
Teak 50 mm hoch €213
Teak 95 mm flat €209
Teak 95 mm hoch €215

With the wooden terrace elements, a wooden terrace can be completely laid within an hour - including the substructure and concealed stainless steel screws. Therefore, when making the calculation, it should be taken into account that no additional substructure or screwing is required for these terrace modules. In addition, laying is much easier and faster than assembling a wooden terrace from individual terrace boards.

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