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Lay parquet on underfloor heating

DRAFT * DRAFT * DRAFT: At this point we are revising our parquet advice. In a few weeks you will find out everything about indoor wooden floors here.

Material calculation formulas

In order to determine an exact price, the required material plus waste must first be calculated. There are also costs for the adhesive and any tools required. If the installation is hired by experts, labor costs must be added.

Staircase with teak parquet

Calculator and planner for material requirements

With the terrace calculator After a few adjustments, you can see how much decking, substructure, screwing and wood care you need. This is even more accurate with our terrace planner. There you will receive a precise offer including shipping costs and an installation plan.

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Comparison of parquet types
Comparison of types of wood
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Material requirements and waste
calculate the price
Comparison of parquet formats
laying pattern
Laying direction
Structure height parquet
Underfloor heating


material list
Prepare the subsurface
Laying and gluing


oils and waxes


Co2 balance

Our parquet


( 110,00  / 1 m²)
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( 119,05  / 1 m²)
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