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On which floor is a parquet made of solid wood floorboards laid?

In addition to choosing the type of wood, choosing the right laying pattern plays the most important role when laying your parquet. Each laying pattern has a different effect and can give the room very different characters.

Subfloor for parquet

The surface on which the parquet is to be laid must be level, stable, clean and dry. It should not be laid on carpet.

If you lay floating, a combination of impact sound insulation and vapor barrier between the floorboards and subfloor is ideal. On the one hand, this insulates against sound, on the other hand, it prevents residual moisture from rising and damaging the parquet. Small bumps can also be compensated for in this way.

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Impact sound with glued parquet

It is often assumed that full-surface glued parquet does not require impact sound insulation. After all, there can be no rattling or movement in the parquet because there is no space between the parquet plank and the floor. However, the impact noise is not insulated with this and on the floor below you can usually hear every step on the parquet floor.

Cork layer against sound

A good solution is the natural product cork. A thin layer of cork can be easily glued to the subsurface - in addition to footfall sound insulation, thermal insulation is also achieved. For the room itself, this means: it is better soundproofed, there is no unpleasant hollow tone and the heating heat is not lost through the floor.

For safe walking on the parquet and best stability despite the seasonal temperature fluctuations, we recommend laying parquet floorboards with glue over the entire surface.

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Suitable for underfloor heating

In general, parquet floors can be laid on hot water underfloor heating. The only requirement: the parquet floorboards should be glued over the entire surface and not laid floating.

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