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What do I need to lay a parquet floor?

Building a parquet floor starts with choosing the right material. Here you can find out what you need to lay a parquet floor.


...the planks from which you build your new wooden floor.

…to ensure 1 cm expansion gap to walls. insulate the impact sound even with fully glued parquet. cover interfaces, for example on heating pipes.

...for the transition between parquet and wall.

...for the transitions to other floors and rooms.

... to glue tongue and groove or the entire surface of the underside, depending on the type of parquet.

...for sealing the parquet. cut parquet pieces to length, for example for the last piece in a row. saw off the grooves in the first row, for example. tighten the parquet floorboards. tap the individual parquet floorboards. mark the lengths for sawing the parquet floorboards.

Calculate requirements and waste

Parquet is sold in square meters or linear meters. The need for running meters per square meter can be calculated using the width of the planks: the wider, the fewer running meters are required. Depending on the room layout, 5% to 10% waste should be added.

Calculate parquet

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