Before laying a wooden floor, there should be good planning. Here you will find answers to the most important questions about quality, quantity calculation and prices for indoor wood floors.


Laminate is cheap but short-lived. Solid wood floorboards are particularly high quality and durable, but also relatively expensive. Ready-made parquet is a compromise between these two wooden floor alternatives in terms of price and quality.

Wooden floor comparison

Parquet is sold in square meters or linear meters. The need for running meters per square meter can be calculated using the width of the planks: the wider, the fewer running meters are required. Depending on the room layout, 5% to 10% waste should be added.

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Solid wood floorboards are the most expensive but also the highest quality and most durable wooden floor installation. A second important cost factor is the wood: pine is very cheap, oak is a bit more expensive and teak is one of the most valuable woods for parquet floors.

Price calculation

As with all purchases on the Internet, you should check the shipping conditions and delivery times. Particular attention should be paid to the completeness of the offer in order to save unnecessary shipping costs through further deliveries. The option to have samples sent to you can also be attractive for testing the product.

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( 116,64  / 1 m² )