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Parquet planning

Before laying a wooden floor, there should be good planning. Here you will find answers to the most important questions about quality, quantity calculation and prices for indoor wood floors.

How to determine the required amount of parquet.

What costs you should expect for a new parquet floor.

An overview of the advantages and disadvantages of strip parquet to long planks.

From herringbone to cube bond - parquet can be laid in these patterns.

What you should consider when deciding on the laying direction of the parquet.

So that the doors open later: What height should you expect.

Parquet can be laid on underfloor heating. You should pay attention to this.

Table of Contents


Comparison of parquet types
Comparison of types of wood
Buy online


Material requirements and waste
calculate the price
Comparison of parquet formats
laying pattern
Laying direction
Structure height parquet
Underfloor heating


material list
Prepare the subsurface
Laying and gluing


oils and waxes


Co2 balance

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