The above instructions must also be observed for concealed fastening without visible screw heads with the Sihga DielenFix system. In the following we explain how a wooden terrace is screwed with Sihga DielenFix.

Simply place the Sihga DielenFix with the integrated assembly stop on the back of the plank and screw in the enclosed BohrFix system screws

Concealed Fastening Instructions 01

Repeat this process on each additional decking board, offset to the side.

Concealed Fastening Instructions 02

Then fasten the board to the substructure with the BohrFix (28 mm long) that is also included. With the starting board, the DielenFix can simply be turned horizontally by 180 degrees and the integrated assembly stop pressed flat so that the board can be fastened as close as possible to any wall edge.

Concealed Fastening Instructions 03

After the first board has been screwed to the substructure, simply insert the following board. Do not screw the new board on the inserted side!

Concealed Fastening Instructions 04

Then just screw to the substructure on the side that is still free, again with an enclosed BohrFix system screw - done!

Concealed Fastening Instructions 05

The first or the last plank is fastened with a partial visible screw connection. To do this, the stop is removed from the DielenFix and then the DielenFix is ​​screwed on flush with the side wood surface of the plank. The board is then fastened by screwing hardened stainless steel screws into a pre-drilled and countersunk hole from above.

Concealed Fastening Instructions 06



Concealed attachment