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Height adjustment of a wooden terrace

The foundation and support points of a wooden terrace are often uneven. There is also a certain height - such as the door exit - that you want to reach with the top covering. from 5cm to 400cm - with the right material, almost any construction height is possible.

Height adjustment accessories

There is the right product and the right construction for every installation height.

With post very high altitudes can be reached. However, it is also by far the most complex construction method, as it is difficult to adjust the height after the post has been cut to size.

pedestals offer the advantage that they can still be adjusted in height while the substructure is lying on them. They can also be individually expanded using adapters. This makes height adjustment easy. Depending on the variant, your limit is 30 cm to 50 cm in height.

patio pads are intended for low construction heights, ensure minimum ventilation of the terrace and prevent water blocking of the substructure. The height compensation works here by using several pads of different strengths

Material for assembly heights


from 40 cm to 400 cm

Pedestal XL

from 12 cm to 50 cm


from 10 cm to 30 cm

patio pads

from 5cm to 10cm

Patio building videos

How do you align the substructure? Find out here in the video “Aligning the substructure”, as well as everything else in 13 videos about building a wooden terrace - from choosing the material, to laying the boards and caring for the wood.

Have the construction height (and everything else) calculated

With our terrace planner, we take over the calculation of the necessary material for the right construction height. You will receive a laying plan and the matching offer.

Construction methods depending on the slope

Slope: low | Construction height: up to 10cm

If the foundation has only a slight slope and the terrace should have a low construction height, terrace pads are sufficient as a support for the substructure. If the subfloor is made of soil, paving slabs or similar should be used as a support.

Terrace pads washed concrete

Gradient: low to moderate | Construction height: up to 30cm

If the gradient in the foundation is up to 30cm and the terrace is to be raised by a maximum of 30cm, pedestals, possibly with adapters, are suitable for constructing the wooden terrace. Foundation stones are used as a support when building on earth.

Slope: low to high | Construction height: up to 50cm

A combination of counter battens and pedestals is recommended for a steeper gradient and a higher construction height of up to 50 cm. This construction also reduces the number of foundation stones required.

Counter battens pedestals
counter batten post

Slope: low to high | Construction height: up to 400cm

If high heights have to be reached from the foundation to the terrace area, this only works with counter battens and vertical posts. This type of construction is relatively complex and sometimes requires an examination by a structural engineer and a building permit.

Teak decking 95mm, Switzerland

Our accessories for the substructure

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