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How do I install the decking boards?

The substructure is standing. Now you come to the visible part of your wooden terrace: the decking boards. Here you can find out how to cut and lay the decking boards.

Note the top and bottom

Before laying, note that the decking boards have a top and bottom. The upper side is characterized by the fact that it has as few blemishes as possible. However, both sides can often be used as the upper side. If you do not want to use either side, please contact us before processing the plank.

Pay attention to the top and bottom of the decking

Keep distance to house walls

The decking boards are laid across the substructure. Start at the edge of the terrace by screwing the first plank onto the substructure. If you lay the floorboards parallel to the house wall, start at the house wall. Make sure there is a distance of at least 15-20 mm between the decking and solid structures (house walls, closed railings or patio edgings) to ensure ventilation of the patio from below. Otherwise, waterlogging can easily occur, reducing the lifespan of the deck and increasing the risk of warping.

Cut decking boards

The floorboards have catalog dimensions. This means: planks can be a few centimeters longer than specified. This gives you the opportunity to cut fresh front edges without loss of length. End cracks can thus be removed by cutting. In the case of a continuous installation (without bonding), it is also possible to lay the planks as supplied and make a guided final cut at the end of the terrace and adjust the protruding plank ends. When laying in a bond, a cut on both sides is necessary, as the planks do not necessarily have a right-angled end cut.

saw blade advice

cut edges grow

Fresh cut edges that result from cutting should be included BioMaderas Front edge wax can be waxed to reduce the risk of end cracks.

Final cut at the edge of the terrace

The best way to achieve a flush finish to the terrace is after installing the floorboards with a guided final cut. Use a guide rail and hand-held circular saw for this. You can also make a final cut on fixed structures with a plunge saw or shadow joint cutter.

Lay decking with joints

The terrace boards should be laid with an expansion gap of 5mm to 8mm - depending on the width of the board and the ventilation of the terrace. A joint of 50mm is sufficient for terrace boards with a width between 90mm and 5mm. Decking boards with a width of 120mm should be laid with a 6mm joint, decking boards with a width of 145mm should be laid with an 8mm joint. Use appropriate spacers during assembly to achieve a uniform joint pattern. Depending on the type of wood, the joint at the ends of the planks should be at least 1mm.

Plan a wooden terrace now for free.

We will provide you with a laying plan and an offer with all the accessories and transport costs. We can also plan extras such as construction height or patio steps for you.

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