The price of a wooden terrace

A wooden terrace consists of several components. Depending on the configuration, the costs can vary greatly. A good cost estimate is offered by our terrace calculator. You will receive a precise offer with our patio planner.

Cost overview for wooden terraces

The tables show an overview of a rather cheap and a rather expensive wooden terrace from our range. In terms of quality and durability, both reach high standards. The differences lie in the construction and the typical properties of the wood.

93 €
per square meter
183 €
per square meter
Cumaru decking boards 120mm, Holzterrasse Berlin

Cheap can become expensive

Of course, wooden terraces can also be built at significantly lower material costs. In this case, woods with a lower durability are usually used. In a long-term calculation, however, the assembly costs and the recurring material procurement must also be taken into account. With less durable wood, the terrace must be replaced every five to ten years. Terraces with a high level of durability can have a service life of a good 25 years.

Price for the craftsman

The price that a terrace builder charges for a wooden terrace project also depends heavily on the size of the terrace and the local conditions. If the terrace is to be laid on a level and solid base, this is cheaper than laying on a slope with earthworks. Large areas are also cheaper per square meter than smaller areas. Therefore, a serious offer can only be made by a craftsman after inspection. In any case, you should reckon with €70 per square meter.

Simon Alber wood workshop

Planner and calculator for price calculation

The Betterwood we offer you two tools with which you can estimate the material costs of your terrace. Of the patio planner creates a comprehensive offer with installation plan included. With the terrace calculator you can try it out online to see which configuration would cost how much.

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