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Clean wooden deck

After installation, a wooden decking can develop oxidation spots after contact with base metals or over time dirt, moss and fungi can accumulate. Dirt is not only unsightly, it can also affect the life of the decking. If the wood color is to be renewed, the decking boards should be treated again with decking oil after cleaning. Do not use high-pressure cleaners, metal brushes or chemical cleaners that have not been tested by us.

water the terrace

1. Water the terrace

Water the wooden deck to be cleaned immediately before cleaning. On a wet wooden deck, the cleaner works more effectively because it works on the surface and is not absorbed by the wood.


Mix patio cleaner

2. Mix the cleaner

The BioMaderas Terrace cleaner is stirred into lukewarm water in a ratio of 1 kilogram to 10 to 15 liters. One kilogram is enough for about 10 square meters of wooden terrace.

Apply patio cleaner

3. Apply solution

The solution is generously applied to wet wooden decking with a watering can. Leave the cleaner on for 10 to 15 minutes.


4. Scrubbing

After the exposure time, the terrace is carefully scrubbed with a scrubbing brush or a root brush.

Spray off patio cleaner

5. Rinse

The terrace is then rinsed off with clear water. When the terrace is completely dry, it can be oiled again if necessary.

Terrace before cleaning

Terrace before cleaning

Over time, moss and lichen settle on a wooden deck. You should therefore clean your wooden terrace, especially after the winter.

Terrace after cleaning

Terrace after cleaning

The cleaned terrace should be free of moss and dirt. If you wish, you can now freshen up the color with decking oil.

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