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Substructure of a wooden terrace

The substructure is the supporting structure of your wooden terrace. This is where the height, slope and laying pattern of your decking are defined. The laying out of the substructure comes immediately after the work on the foundation. This is your first time working with wood.

Spacing of the substructure rows

The axis dimension (measured from center to center) of the substructure rows should not be more than 50 cm, so that the decking boards can be screwed on often enough and the risk of warping of the wood is minimized. The substructure should not lie flat on the substructure. A ventilation distance can be created with terrace pads or adjustable pedestals.

spacing of the substructure
vary depending on plank length

Plank length 300cm
= 7 rows with 50cm spacing

Plank length 320cm
= 8 rows with 45cm spacing

shear area

Plan for shearing area

A spacer profile creates a gap between the substructure and the floorboard, thus ensuring better ventilation and avoiding waterlogging. This increases the lifespan of the terrace and reduces the risk of the screws tearing off. With a combination of a flat aluminum substructure and wooden floorboards, we strongly recommend using the spacer profile. With a concealed construction with clips, better ventilation is already guaranteed by the system. A distance profile is not necessary.

Screw the substructure to the floor

The substructure can be screwed to the subfloor. This is not necessary in every case, since the weight and the crosswise screwing of the planks and substructure make the terrace very stable after completion. Many terraces are therefore laid as a floating system.

Lay the substructure
Pedestal substructure

Lay the substructure in the bond

If the length of a single structural timber does not reach the full depth of the deck, structural timbers must be joined. Here it is advisable to avoid a continuous butt joint between the rows of construction wood and to lay the construction wood in an offset / bonded manner.

Substructure at board joints

If you lay your terrace boards in a bond, we recommend laying a double row of substructures at the points where a terrace board ends and a new board begins. This way you don't have to screw the floorboards too close to the cutting edge later on.

substructure joints
Cumaru decking boards 90mm, Ibiza

Plan a wooden terrace now for free.

We will provide you with a laying plan and an offer with all the accessories and transport costs. We can also plan extras such as construction height or patio steps for you.

terrace planner
Teak decking 95mm, Switzerland

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