The material for a wooden terrace

A wooden terrace consists of more than just wood. Here you will find a shopping list with the most important components. So that you don't just notice at the start of construction that something is missing.


...are the covering of your terrace and can also be installed as a privacy screen, facing or steps. the substructure to which the decking boards are screwed.

... serve as a support for the substructure on the foundation.

...are used to fasten the planks to the substructure.

...must be used for an even joint pattern. applied to the cut edges of the decking and prevents the formation of end cracks.

...are essential for pre-drilling and screwing the planks into the substructure.

…With hardwood saw blade for cutting the decking boards and substructure. align the substructure.

...for your protection.

...because terrace construction sometimes requires teamwork.

optional: reduce cracking and preserve the color longer. that nothing grows through the terrace or to protect the building protection film on roof terraces and balconies.

...for better constructive wood protection. straighten crooked floorboards.

...for a straight final cut along fixed structures. smooth rough areas of the floorboards.

...if you want a higher installation height and your federal state makes corresponding specifications here.

Shopping list wooden terrace

Shopping list for download

Here you can download the shopping list as a PDF – to print out and check off. In the document, the products are included on the appropriate pages Betterwood link.


all under one roof

The Betterwood we supply you with terrace boards, substructure and all accessories for your wooden terrace. You only have to borrow the machines from your neighbors or buy them in a tool shop. We are happy to calculate with ours patio planner your needs and provide you with a complete offer for your project. For a first overview you can also use our terrace calculator use.

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