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Straighten crooked floorboards

Wooden decking boards are not always XNUMX% straight. This is generally not a problem when building a terrace: Slight curvatures can be compensated for by pressing the board together when screwing. Curvatures are often tolerable and cannot be ruled out. If the curvature is more than one cm per meter, please contact us. With the following tips, even warped floorboards can be neatly installed.

push the planks in

Press crooked decking boards straight up to the spacers and fix from beginning to end. The best way to push the planks together and screw them together is with two people: one person pushes the plank straight in, the other person screws the plank into the substructure.

Planks with pressing straight
Planks with tension belts straight

Pull straight with straps

Tension belts make it easier to press the decking board onto the spacers. Fasten the plank at one end to a couple of screw points and pull the other end towards you using the ratchet straps before screwing the plank together. To do this, clamp one to three of the already screwed floorboards in order to pull the still loose floorboard onto the spacers with the help of the tension belts.

Use floorboard clamps

Floorboard clamps work according to the principle of screw clamps: By screwing together the brackets placed in the joint, the loose floorboard is pulled straight up to the spacer. Now the board can be screwed with an even joint. The plank clamp is released and can be used for the next plank. Floorboard clamps enable a very comfortable way of working.

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