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Wooden terrace on stone or concrete

A wooden terrace can usually be built on an existing stone terrace without much effort. The prerequisite is that individual areas have not collapsed. Slight unevenness, on the other hand, is unproblematic in many cases and can be leveled out.

Foundation of a wooden terrace on concrete or stone

root fleece

If weeds grow between the stone tiles, you should lay fleece. Of course, this is not necessary for a closed concrete surface.

stone tiles or concrete

This is the existing floor. The water should already be draining well here. Unevenness can be leveled out using patio pads or pedestals.

Ground firm but permeable to water

If plants are growing through the gaps in the stones, we recommend laying out root fleece over the entire surface. Of course, a weed control mat is not necessary on a closed concrete surface.

Next, terrace pads made of rubber granules are laid between the substructure beams and the stone or concrete floor. Terrace pads fulfill two important functions:

  1. They ensure that the substructure does not form a water barrier along its length. Terrace pads are placed under the substructure approximately every 50cm and thus create a gap between the floor and substructure and rainwater can flow through.
  2. Terrace pads prevent rattling noises when the terrace is entered later. Due to the swelling and shrinking behavior of the wood, there is a slight warping in the millimeter range over the course of the seasons. This is completely unproblematic, but can lead to annoying rattling if you don't use rubber granules to cushion the footsteps.

Pedestals for higher construction and height adjustment

If a higher construction height is required, height-adjustable terrace feet can be distributed as supports on the existing stone terrace. The positions for this depend on the span of the respective substructure. With such a variant, the terrace pads are omitted.

The substructure is straightened with a spirit level and straightening board. Unevenness can be compensated for with additional terrace pads, scrap floorboards or by adjusting the terrace feet.

Substructure on pedestals and fleece
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