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The garden house to the wooden terrace

A garden house with a wooden terrace allows for a very small holiday at any time. But before the fun comes the planning - and it should be done meticulously. Because regardless of whether it's a summer house or a major project: poor planning can be expensive. A garden house with a wooden terrace should be planned carefully. A true-to-scale drawing can protect against construction errors later. The size of the terrace that is to be connected to the garden house is important. For four people and a grill, you should calculate with 20 square meters. If you also want to use the terrace as a dance floor, a few more square meters are of course required. A terrace on the garden house does not necessarily have to be rectangular. With a little skill even curves are possible. For this purpose, the space at the garden house should be measured exactly. The terrace roofing should also be considered during the planning phase. If you do not want to brood in the sun in summer, a patio cover offers the necessary protection on the patio. And the garden shed is also protected from intense sunlight. Garden house with wooden terrace

place in the sun

When aligning the terrace, attention should be paid to the position of the sun. After all, nobody wants to just sit in the shade in the summer. The most hours of sunshine can be achieved with a southern exposure. Trees should not stand directly above the terrace. These ensure more moisture and thus the formation of moisture on the wood, which promotes the formation of algae and mold, especially in less resistant woods such as Douglas fir or Siberian larch.

Don't forget electricity and water

When planning, electricity and water should be connected directly to the wooden terrace and garden shed. It is good to plan a little more generously, because cables can only be brought in later with a higher financial outlay. The wooden terrace should also be sufficiently equipped with sockets. Electricity is not only required for outdoor lighting. The stereo system or the electric grill also need electricity. A water connection at a suitable point also increases comfort.

The right foundation

The basis of the wooden terrace is the foundation. If the garden house and wooden terrace are planned together, the foundation can be drawn through for both projects at the same time. Various foundation shapes are available. The type of foundation is determined by the given subsoil and the garden house and terrace built on it. The foundation should be created with great care in order to avoid subsequent structural damage. Garden shed with decking

The substructure

Robust wood with a very long service life should be selected for the substructure. Tropical hardwoods such as Cumaru particularly good. The patio roof can be taken into account at the same time. Longitudinal beams and cross beams are required. The beams are connected with stainless steel screws and brackets. When setting up, plan for a gradient of around 1 to 2 percent so that there is no waterlogging and the water can flow off the wooden terrace when it rains.

High quality planking

The planking of the wooden terrace on the garden house has to endure a lot. We are not only talking about UV radiation and moisture, but also about the mechanical stress that occurs when stepping onto the terrace. Also for them decking robust wood should be used that has a long service life. Protection against weather and mold is offered by open glazes and wood oils. They are the best protection for the wood. So that the garden house and wooden terrace harmonize with each other, it is advisable to choose the same color. However, interesting contrasts are also possible.

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