The shopping list for a wooden terrace

A wooden terrace consists of much more than just wood. In addition to the obligatory decking boards and the substructure, a screw connection, terrace pads or pedestals and wood care are also required. Depending on the construction, drainage and ventilation profiles, root fleece and floorboard spans may also be necessary. Of course, there are also the tools: hand-held circular saw or chop saw, cordless screwdriver with the right bit, drill with the right drill bit, spacer, spirit level and much more.

So that you don't lose track, we have one for you in our wooden terrace advice grocery list compiled. Here you will find a checklist where you can tick off the required products. In addition, we have explained in short sentences what the product is used for. If you want, you can also view the shopping list as a Download English PDF. The PDF then shows the individual products with the appropriate page Betterwood link.

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