Endless laying with teak decking boards

With the frontal hardwood dowel connection, even short decking boards become very long. And at the same time, the laying pattern becomes flatter and more attractive because the joints no longer have to be uniform.

Because when building a terrace with endless teak floorboards, you do not have to pay attention to a substructure under the joints of the floorboards, but can lay the terrace floorboards continuously on your substructure. The joint can therefore also lie in the intermediate field of the substructure.

The end-face dowel connection made of hardwood dowels ensures high stability. In addition, decking boards made of teak wood have the best dimensional stability - the wood does not warp and no cracks form. Ideal for a connection with dowels.

Another advantage: When building a terrace with endless laying, you can saw off the protruding plank ends and start the new section again. This reduces waste when building terraces.

endless laying of Betterwood can also short Teak decking be used without additional effort for large wooden terraces in the style of indoor parquet.

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