FSC forest area is growing

FSC® forest area is growing

Every month, the FSC® publishes current figures on the worldwide certified forest areas. From January 2012 to January 2018, the area of ​​FSC® forests grew by a good 33%. While just under 2018 million hectares of forest were certified in 150, the figure at the beginning of 2018 was just under 200 million hectares:

However, the figures also show that the growth in space has slowed down in recent years. In North America in particular, the FSC® now weighs less than it did six years ago. While 2012% of the forest area was still certified here in 41, the proportion in 2018 was only 35%. The trend was also negative in Africa, despite an already small proportion. Here the share shrank from 5% in 2012 to 3,6% in 2018.

The FSC® recorded growth in Asia as well as in South and Central America. In South and Central America, 4 million hectares of forest were added. In Asia, the value almost doubled from 4,9 to 8,8 million hectares. Nevertheless, the FSC® share in countries in the tropical climate zone is still low. In South and Central America only 6,9% of the forest areas are certified, in Asia it is only 4,4%.

The FSC® continues to have the greatest spread and strongest growth in Europe. The area grew from 64 million hectares in 2012 to 97 million hectares in 2018. The proportion of FSC®-certified forest area increased from 43% to 49%.

All monthly reports of the FSC® since: https://ic.fsc.org/en/facts-and-figures

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