Origin Peru Cumaru

The Wood of the Mother of God

A high-altitude Amazon region in Peru, dense primary forests with Cumaru trees - this is the region "Mother Dios', in English: 'Mother of God'.


The wood, which grows relatively high up here, is particularly dense and resistant. That's why it's so popular. However, only a fraction of the wood harvested in Madre Dios comes from sustainable forestry. However, sustainable forest management is the most successful method to date to ensure that primary forest remains in the long term and does not fall victim to displacement by agricultural land. The responsible management of primary forests is much more complex, expensive and strictly regulated than the management of plantations. But this is the only way for the forest to survive despite use.


A second major challenge in Peru: transporting the tree trunks to Lima, where the sawmill is located. Steep Andean passes have to be crossed. In the fall, when El Niño rages, the heavy rains make the trails almost impassable. However, we only send the wood on its way when independent controls by non-governmental organizations certify its sustainability. Our wood from Peru is FSC®-certified.

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