Build wooden terraces with the Betterwood-Terrace Planner

It saves money and is fun: build your own terrace yourself. With a little craftsmanship, the seat can be made in the garden. In order for such a project to be a success, one should proceed in a well-considered manner. And that starts with the question: How big will my terrace be and how much wood do I need for it?

With the help of our terrace planner we can create a laying plan for your wooden terrace. After you have selected the basic shape, dimensions and the desired type of wood in the terrace planner, we will create a detailed laying plan for your area free of charge. And if you want, the right offer with substructure, screws and transport costs.

Your advantages: You don't buy more wood than you actually need and you reduce waste. In contrast to offers of only one decking length and calculations based on running meters, we can respond much more precisely to the individual conditions on site with our precise planning and our wide range of different lengths. This way you avoid waste – and thus unnecessary costs. You only buy what you actually use.

But that's not all. The original tree trunk is also used optimally and sustainably: Shorter sections of the trunk are otherwise often disposed of, since customers only buy the wood from a certain length. As a result, shorter, premium-quality wood often remains unused. Because we believe that a tree trunk should be used in the best possible way, we also offer a selection of shorter plank dimensions: the Teak decking from a length of 914mm, with the Cumaru Decking from a length of 1219mm.

With the help of our terrace planner, cost awareness, demands and utilization can be ideally combined.

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