Terrace wood comparison

What is the best decking wood?

The following applies to decking: only the tough get into the garden! Weather-resistant, dimensionally stable and durable - these are the properties that a wooden terrace must have. FSC-certified tropical wood best meets these requirements.

Unlike industrially manufactured products, however, each decking board is unique. International quality standards and DIN norms therefore help in the search for high quality: Products from different suppliers and origins can be compared in this way.

Terrace wood sorted by hand and particularly durable

For the wood quality, the abbreviation "FAS" for the best sorting and the term "premium" has prevailed. If you pay attention to this marking, cracks and knotholes on the A-side of the decking should only occur to a very small extent with the best sorting.

The durability of the wood is evaluated using resistance classes. A terrace that is exposed to wind and weather should achieve the highest resistance class 1.

Already during the construction you can do something for the longevity of the terrace: the floorboards should be through a Substructure be well ventilated, rainwater must be able to drain off and you should also make sure that no damp nests form through lying leaves.

Wood is a natural product and changes with cold and heat. Paying attention to how the decking has been dried will help your deck hold its shape and not warp over the years. With a technical drying (English KD - kiln dried) later warping is better prevented than with exclusively air-dried wood.

Certified decking wood protects the rainforest

The seal is particularly important when buying tropical wood FSC important: this shows the socially acceptable and sustainable origin.

The Betterwood you will only receive premium and FAS wood. We even sort every order by hand. You can find anything that doesn't meet our high standards at the Stocklot. So we can guarantee at least 95% heartwood, no dead knots or cracks for the top of the planks. In addition, we only carry resistance classes 1 to 2 and only offer FSC-certified wood.

If the quality specifications are correct, you only have to decide on a type of wood: Teak, also known as Kingwood, is supple and takes on a light silver hue. It is very dimensionally stable and ages without cracks or splinters.

Cumaru - a reddish brown wood with a striking pattern - and the dark reddish brown, even garapa, can warp more, but have a higher resistance.

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