Children's terrace

Children and wooden terraces – what should you pay attention to?

When it comes to designing a wooden deck, safety and legal regulations are two key aspects that every homeowner should consider. This is especially true for families with children, as a terrace is not only a place to relax, but also a playing field for the little ones.

Legal framework and building regulations:

Any wooden deck must comply with local building regulations. These include building permits, neighborhood rights and responsibilities, environmental regulations, and material and construction standards. Compliance with these regulations ensures that your patio is not only safe but also legally protected.

Safety at heights:

 A central aspect when planning a wooden terrace is the height. Terraces that are significantly above ground level can pose a risk to children. It is important to take appropriate measures to prevent falls. This includes installing railings or barriers that are high and sturdy enough to prevent climbing or slipping. It is important that railings comply with local safety regulations. Building law is different in every federal state.

Distances between the wooden boards:

 The distances between the patio boards can pose another safety risk. Gaps that are too large can cause children to pinch their feet or other body parts. An appropriate distance between the boards not only ensures safety, but also a pleasant appearance, good drainage and enough space so that the boards do not collide with each other. Swelling and shrinkage behavior over the course of the year makes it necessary to have a gap between floorboards.

Splinter-free wood and surface treatment:

 Choosing the right wood is essential to avoid splinters. Certain types of wood, such as smooth-planed hardwood, are less likely to form splinters. Regular maintenance and surface sanding also help minimize the risk of splinters. Depending on the type of wood, it may make sense to sand the terrace after laying it. We particularly recommend this approach Cumaru (Dipteryx odorata).

Chemicals in wood treatments:

When treating wooden decks, chemicals are often used to protect the wood from the elements. It is important to choose products that are safe for children. Chemicals that are classified as harmful or toxic should be avoided. For this reason, we pay particular attention to ensuring that the patio oils we offer are also suitable for patios where children spend time and play. The Terrace oils from BioMaderas are sweat and saliva-proof according to EN 71 – Part 3 (European Standard for Toy Safety). There are a variety of environmentally friendly and child-safe products on the market that ensure wood protection without any health risks.  

And finally ...

A wooden deck can be a wonderful place for families to spend time outdoors. With the right safety precautions, it becomes a safe, welcoming space for children and adults. By taking these aspects into account, you can create a wooden deck that is not only beautiful but also safe for the whole family.  

Summary and recommendations for action:

  • When building your wooden terraces, pay attention to the legal requirements.
  • Make sure railings and barriers are safe and child-friendly.
  • Choose splinter-free wood and perform regular maintenance.
  • Use safe, child-friendly wood treatments.
  • Pay attention to the distances between the patio boards.
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