New wooden tiles with click system from BioMaderas

Lay, click, done!

A wooden floor in the garden and on the balcony can be laid with wooden tiles easily and without tools. In addition to our Cumaru wood tiles and teak patio elements, we now have a new one BioMaderas-Wooden tile with click system in our range.

For the type of wood, we chose Peruvian Massaranduba ( from sustainable forestry. The wood of the balata tree achieves the highest durability outdoors and is very resistant to fungi and algae. Massaranduba is dark red to reddish brown in colour. Its very homogeneous, smooth surface makes it the ideal material for wooden floors that can also be walked on barefoot.

What doesn't fit is halved.

In addition to the high resistance and the particularly strong wooden lamellas with a thickness of 18mm, these wooden tiles differ from the click tiles from the discounter in particular due to their unique structure. The 30×30 centimeter tiles can be halved in the middle into 15x30mm units and rejoined with a click. In this way, balcony and patio floors can be laid even more precisely and without tools.

With our Building instructions for laying wooden tiles with a click system, laymen can also install it.

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