Eco and tropical wood – how does that go together?

If you hear "tropical wood" in this country, the alarm bells ring: deserted land where rainforest once stood, extinct animals and a damaged climate. Everyone rightly has these images in their heads right away.
At the same time, tropical wood has excellent properties as a building material: It impressively withstands the local weather for many years and is therefore ideally suited for terrace construction. at Betterwood we have set ourselves the goal of offering tropical wood products of very high quality while meeting strict ecological and social standards. What initially sounds like a contradiction is actually feasible: In the countries of origin in Latin America, most of the forest areas are cut down because the population there expects a better income from agriculture. Large areas of rainforest are sometimes simply burned down.

However, if the local population finds good working conditions in forestry - for example with above-average wages - there is also a sense in preserving the forest as a livelihood for future generations. Then the forest will remain and the local people can live from it.

This is how sustainable forestry works and we want to support it. All our wood products are with the FSC seal certified - the strictest procedure for controlling high ecological and social standards. Clear-cutting and pesticides are forbidden, biodiversity must be preserved, only as much wood may be taken from the forest as will grow back in the same period of time. Deserted areas are reforested - biodiversity can develop again.

To ensure that the positive environmental balance of the production does not go up in smoke during the transport of the decking, wooden tiles and cutting boards from Latin America to our customers, we also participate in the CO2 certificate trade. The CO2 emissions of each transport are determined and compensated in a reforestation project in Bolivia, which we implement in cooperation with the Bonner Co2ol. This is how all of our logistics work in a climate-neutral manner.

At the end there are tropical wood products that are actually sustainable - for people and nature. This is the Betterwood-Concept.

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