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Refresh gray wooden terrace

It's the same with wood as with people: gray comes with age. Decking boards, garden furniture [...]

What is the best decking wood?

The following applies to decking: only the tough get into the garden! Weatherproof, dimensionally stable and durable - [...]

Teak boat deck

Boat deck made of wood or plastic? For true-to-style water sports enthusiasts, sailors and steamboat captains, this is not [...]

Weatherproof wood for the terrace

Weatherproof wood is a challenge, because in the garden, as a patio or as furniture, wood is used in a wide variety of [...]

Decking boards corrugated or smooth - a comparison

Decking boards are ribbed or smooth. The different planing of the surface has different advantages and [...]

Decking boards for Switzerland

We have people from Zurich, Geneva and Basel with us Betterwood asked again and again whether we [...]

Construction instructions for wooden terraces – in six assembly steps

Betterwood offers several options for building your own wooden terrace: with wooden tiles and prefabricated terrace elements, [...]

Build wooden terraces with the Betterwood-Terrace Planner

It saves money and is fun: build your own terrace yourself. With a bit of manual talent [...]

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