A cutting board for the Christmas goose

There were actually people last year who bought a wooden deck from Betterwood gave away for Christmas. Because but one cutting board goes much better under the Christmas tree, we will show you which breakfast board or chopping block you can use to make a loved one happy. the Decking boards you can then save for the Easter Bunny. The recipient will thank you for the winter weather alone.

Cutting board N°108

Cutting board N°108 – for the Christmas goose

A cutting board for the grand entrance. Almost a small table with an area of ​​61 x 45,7 cm, this platter offers enough space for the preparation of an opulent holiday menu. Also suitable for carving from goose to turkey, as the juice groove keeps the gravy away from the hand-embroidered Christmas tablecloth.

Cutting board N°517

Cutting board N°517 – for smaller birds

If you can't manage the goose, take the cutting board N°517. A duck, for example, can be excellently cut up here, the juice groove protects against grease stains and the finger grip makes it easier to handle. This model can also be moved with one hand.

Cutting board N°102

Cutting board N°102 – for the frozen pizza on New Year's Day

Christmas is only once a year. Cutting board N°102 is available for the rest of the time. With a diameter of 32 centimetres, it is an ideal base for the frozen pizza. We measured: the Pizza Mozarella has a standard size of 28 centimeters. Fits.

Cutting board N°571

Breakfast board N°571 – for morning, noon, evening

This breakfast board feels most comfortable in a group. It is best to give one to each family member as it is almost always in use. At breakfast, lunch and dinner, even the cheese sandwich becomes a little glamorous on this teak board.

Cutting board N°615

Chopping block N°615 - for whatever

Our chopping block N°615 is the extravagant eccentric - perhaps too beautiful to be practical? Unsuitable for poultry and pizza, you first need an idea of ​​what can be cut up on it. But then: Baguette and bread, fruit and vegetables, basically half the supermarket and everything that is long and narrow. By the way, the designer wanted to create a cheese serving board with the N°615. Delicious as well.

No matter which board you choose, you should order by the morning of December 19 so that you really have one to give as a Christmas present. Shipping takes one to two working days.

The Betterwood-Team wishes you a Merry Christmas!

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