Teak cutting board

Cutting boards for the world!

Our Cutting boards are made of teak, which grows in Mexico. In this way we reconcile high social and ecological standards with the practical advantages of wooden cutting boards and the exclusive tropical wood aesthetics.

The eco wooden cutting board

The sustainable teak reforestation from which the wood of our cutting boards comes is located in northwestern Mexico. The FSC-certified forest area stores the Co2 emissions of more than 20.000 cars and thanks to ongoing reforestation, the contribution to the climate is increasing every day. The employees in the manufactory receive a wage well above the fair trade standard and free health care.

The cutting boards are also particularly sustainable because they use the wood of the tree trunk, which cannot be used for terrace boards due to its short length. In this way, resources are used optimally and not wasted.

Wood or plastic or stone?

Compared to plastic or stone cutting boards, teak cutting boards are particularly suitable for use in the kitchen for various reasons: Wood is particularly gentle on knife blades and blunts them more slowly than other materials. Wood is naturally antiseptic and therefore particularly hygienic. And finally, due to its extremely high durability and dimensional stability, teak is particularly suitable for use in the kitchen. It is not for nothing that the magazine Cook's Illustrated judged our cutting boards: "The last cuttingboard you'll ever need".

The Betterwood we divide our cutting boards into categories "kitchen board" and "Chopping Block". Kitchen boards are made from wood that has been cut parallel to the grain of the tree. They are thinner and usually more manageable than chopping blocks. We recommend them as a breakfast board or to cut bread. Butcher blocks are made from wood that has been cut across the grain of the tree. Due to its density, the so-called end-grain wood is perfectly suited to withstand the high stress of daily cutting work in the kitchen - it does not fray.

Cutting Board Care

You are welcome to find out how ours Cutting boards best maintained are what wood is generally best suited for kitchen work and the Advantages and disadvantages in comparison to plastic or stone cutting boards.

Choosing the right chopping board is always a personal choice - at Betterwood but you can be sure that man and nature enter into a partnership that is worthwhile for both sides.

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