Teak chopping block

New Java teak cutting boards

The new cutting boards and chopping blocks from Biomaderas from Indonesia are here! They were handcrafted in a small factory in Java. Work is carried out there according to the high ecological and social standards of the FSC®.

fair and sustainable

The wood comes from slow-growing teak trees on Java itself. The teak forest was planted in the nineteenth century by the then Dutch colonial powers. The forest is now being sustainably forested. Both the manufactory and the forest are FSC®-certified for exemplary forest management and fair production.

Teak chopping block N°403

made of teak end grain with handle and feet

Chopping blocks with teak end grain

The rectangular one Chopping block N°401 and the round one Chopping block N°403 are made of so-called teak end grain. The chopping block is composed of squared timber pieces cut across the grain. The effect: the cutting surface consists of the hardest side of the wood - the heartwood. The chopping block is particularly durable and gentle on knife blades. The annual rings are clearly visible and give each block an individual look. The chopping blocks are easy to move thanks to the handles milled on the side. The feet on the back ensure a secure hold on the work surface and good ventilation on the underside.

Breakfast boards N°101

planed from teak

One-piece breakfast board

The Breakfast board N°101 are our smallest cutting boards. The unique wood pattern of the teak tree can be seen across the surface in its golden brown shade. Here, too, each board is unique. The Cutting boards N°103 and N° 105 are composed of lengthwise pieces of wood. When gluing, care was taken to ensure a harmonious overall picture across the entire surface. Sturdy but thin: with a thickness of about 1 to 1,5 cm, they are not too heavy and can be used and stowed away in different places in the kitchen.

Cutting board N°103

sanded and oiled from teak

The best wood for cutting

Teak is the ideal wood for cutting boards and for use in the kitchen: it is particularly resistant and durable to moisture. Compared to domestic types of wood, teak has the lowest risk of cracking and splinters. Teak chopping blocks and cutting boards should be wiped clean with a damp cloth or briefly rinsed under running water. They don't belong in the dishwasher. From time to time we recommend oiling with the Biomaderas Cutting Board Oil or plain cooking oil.


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