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Tagesspiegel reports on Betterwood

“Tropical wood is not only bad” – that is the title of the article that was published today in the Tagesspiegel. The author Judith Jenner reports on our sustainable path in the tropical wood trade and how hardwood terraces contribute to rainforest protection: “If the residents recognize an economic benefit in reforestation and use of the forest, they are more willing to preserve it,” writes Jenner.

Socially sustainable and CO2-neutral

The Tagesspiegel writes about our concept: “Betterwood focuses on fair cooperation and strives for "social sustainability." And about our wood: "It lasts about three times as long, it does not grow in monocultures and does not need to be thermally treated." An ecological advantage of our tropical wood compared to domestic wood or WPC boards made of plastic, which first have to be treated and produced using complex processes.

The article can be accessed online via the following link – but only with a paid digital subscription to the Tagesspiegel: Tropical wood is not only bad: Which floor coverings are suitable for the terrace (Tagesspiegel, 05.07.2024).

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