Sustainable teak from reforestation

Teak is considered the kingwood of the tropics. Its unique properties make it a desirable material for Garden Furniture, wooden terraces and Pieces of furniture. However, the great demand has meant that the teak tree is hardly ever found in primeval forests. The use of teak from primary forests is therefore very problematic from an ecological point of view.


However, there is a way to enjoy the benefits of the precious wood and still contribute to the protection of the rainforest. The demand can be met and the remaining teak trees in the primary forest can be protected through sustainable reforestation projects and mixed forests with teak trees.

These teak plantations already exist in Latin America, Africa and Asia. However, the quality of the teak can vary greatly. The age of the tree is primarily decisive for the quality of the wood. In Indonesia there are old plantings that were already planted by the Dutch colonial power and provide significantly higher quality wood than is available in Central and South America.


Also regarding Biodiversity and ecological benefit, the plantations can differ. The renunciation of insecticides, the establishment of large-scale eco-strips that are exempt from cultivation, and as diverse a mixed forest as possible have a positive effect and offer numerous animal and plant species a habitat. In addition, plantations should not displace any existing primeval forests, but rather be created on areas used for industrial agriculture.

Betterwood pay attention when procuring his Teak decking, Teak wood panels and Teak garden furniture in addition to a high tree age and excellent quality, particularly on sustainable and responsible forest management. Many products carry the FSC® 100% certificate and come from species-rich mixed forests. Teak from primeval forests or illegal sources is not included in our range.

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