Counter battens wooden terrace

Plan terrace online with counter battens

A wooden terrace usually has a construction height of around 8 centimetres. Between the foundation - such as a pavement slab on soil or a stone terrace - lie Terrassenpad, substructure beam and Decking boards. But sometimes that is not enough and the wooden terrace has to be higher.

Counter battens for higher structures

Up to 25 centimeters can be adjusted with height-adjustable pedestals reach. But how can areas be implemented where there is half a meter or more between the door exit and the foundation? The solution is a structure with counter battens, also known as cross battens, in combination with wooden post.

Advantages of counter battens

The counter battens offer a number of advantages when building terraces:

  • a few centimeters are bridged
  • Support points are saved
  • Structure becomes stable and warp-proof
  • usually cheapest construction

Support points can be saved because the counter battens can be in a much wider grid. Depending on the substructure installed above, the bars of the counter battens can be up to 200cm apart. Compared to the usual maximum 50cm distances, up to 75% of the point foundations and support points can be saved quickly.

For this reason, it can be worthwhile to work with counter battens even on terraces that only require a construction height of around 20 cm.

Online terrace planner with counter battens

We have dem online terrace planner from Betterwood taught to plan the counter battens where it makes sense. This makes our terrace planner the only planning program for wooden terraces that can implement structures with a height of up to 400 cm. It still doesn't replace the structural engineer, but it saves a lot of nerves in material planning.

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