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The new patio planner from Betterwood

With our terrace planner, our customers have been able to plan their wooden terrace quickly and free of charge for many years. Now we have released a new version that offers even more functions and is still very easy to use. Here is an overview of the most important innovations:

substructure plan: In addition to the laying plan for the decking, you will now also receive a laying plan for your substructure.

Construction height: A normal wooden terrace has a structure between seven and ten centimeters. Anyone who needs to build more clearly or more flatly can now have this calculated with our terrace planner during the initial planning.

infatuation: It may be that individual sides should be faced with one or more vertical boards so that you cannot look under the terrace. This can now be taken into account in the planning.

New terrace shape: There is now a new shape for planning the decking boards, wooden tiles and patio elements - the O-shape. Because in recent years, the terraces with pool have been in increasing demand.

Shipping costs Europe-wide: If desired, the country of delivery can now also be specified in the terrace planner. The correct shipping costs are already given in the offer that you receive together with the installation plan. Betterwood Incidentally, ships to over 25 countries.

New menu navigation: Despite the many new functions, the terrace planner should still be easy and quick to use. We cleaned up and packed everything into four steps: 1. product choice and terrace shape, 2. terrace dimensions, 3. accessories, 4. contact details. Optionally, the detailed planning can be activated as a further step.

More information by email: Together with the laying plan for the terrace boards and substructure, you will receive a complete offer with everything you need and want for terrace construction. A wood expert from will explain this to you Betterwood by e-mail, the individual requirements of your project and what you have to pay particular attention to. Special features that our customers have mentioned in the comments are also addressed.

More quickly: There are so many consultants working at now Betterwood as never before. Therefore, all inquiries about the terrace planner are usually answered within two working days.

We look forward to planning your patio too. If you want, you can start right away and try out our new terrace planner:

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