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Wooden panels for outdoor use: what should you pay attention to?

If you take into account the hints and tips on wooden panels for outdoor use, you will have a lot of fun [...]

Eco and tropical wood – how does that go together?

If you hear "tropical wood" in this country, the alarm bells ring: deserted land on which rainforest once stood, extinct [...]

Teak reforestation instead of deforestation

Destruction of the rainforest and responsible forest management: both can be found in Indonesia, a country where [...]

Betterwood transports FSC® wood CO2 neutrally

From the sawmill to your home: the entire logistics from Betterwood is climate neutral. In order to [...]

Illegal tropical timber is booming – FSC® protects

A new law aims to prevent illegal tropical timber from being imported into Europe. Many importers use [...]

Living with wood - teak panels in the interior

Living and building with wood is back in fashion: tabletops, kitchen worktops, desks, washbasins in the bathroom [...]

How our wood gets to Europe

We import our decking boards, cutting boards, wooden tiles and countertops from various countries in Asia and Latin America. [...]

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