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Find out more about our work and our team. Here you will find the blog posts that revolve around our company.

ZDF report on Betterwood

The ZDF report about Betterwood appears in the documentary series "Plan B" and will be broadcast on Saturday, [...]

Betterwood is a pilot company for deforestation-free supply chains

Betterwood is the pilot company ELAN, a project for deforestation-free supply chains, initiated by Oro Verde and the [...]

Our sustainability: What is important to you?

For our sustainability report, we would like to know: What is particularly important to you about our rainforest protection?

Film team from ZDF with us Betterwood in Peru

A film team commissioned by ZDF accompanies our managing director Catherine Körting on her trip to South America.

FSC report on Betterwood

The FSC reports on the extraordinary concept of Betterwood: "Sustainable tropical wood, as directly and completely [...]

Our new warehouse

With the purchase of the Drolshagen business park in the district of Olpe, we now have eight halls [...]

The shopping list for a wooden terrace

A wooden terrace consists of much more than just wood. So that you don't lose the overview [...]

Betterwood gets a new design

Betterwood gets a completely revised design. It is clearer, more organized and leaves more space. We [...]

The wooden terrace from the 3D scanner

Simon Alber has been building extraordinary wooden terraces for over nine years. With his company Holz & Design [...]

Betterwood restricts timber imports from Brazil.

Brazil's new President Jair Bolsonaro is pushing ahead with the destruction of the rainforest. The wood of [...]

New Java teak cutting boards

The new cutting boards and chopping blocks from Biomaderas from Indonesia are here! They were taken in a [...]

The new patio planner from Betterwood

With our terrace planner, our customers have been able to plan their wooden terrace quickly and free of charge for many years [...]

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