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Tropical wood and environmental protection: How does that go together? In our blog posts on the subject of environment and nature, we report on sustainable forest management in the tropics and the latest developments in rainforest protection.

Film team from ZDF with us Betterwood in Peru

A film team commissioned by ZDF accompanies our managing director Catherine Körting on her trip to South America.

How can the deforestation of the rainforest be stopped?

International treaties and agreements often fail to meet the targets in the fight against climate change. What influence [...]

Record losses in the Amazon region

Amazon rainforest loss peaks. Sustainable forest management offers an alternative to slash and burn.

FSC report on Betterwood

The FSC reports on the extraordinary concept of Betterwood: "Sustainable tropical wood, as directly and completely [...]

ARD report on forest fires in Brazil

Large parts of the rainforest in the Pantanal wetland in Brazil are on fire. It's been too long [...]

Betterwood restricts timber imports from Brazil.

Brazil's new President Jair Bolsonaro is pushing ahead with the destruction of the rainforest. The wood of [...]

FSC® forest area is growing

Every month, the FSC publishes current figures on the worldwide certified forest areas. From January 2012 [...]

Eco and tropical wood – how does that go together?

If you hear "tropical wood" in this country, the alarm bells ring: deserted land on which rainforest once stood, extinct [...]

Teak reforestation instead of deforestation

Destruction of the rainforest and responsible forest management: both can be found in Indonesia, a country where [...]

Armed scientists against illegal mines

The Brazilian environmental authority IBAMA has set up a troop that is probably unique in the world: [...]

Betterwood transports FSC® wood CO2 neutrally

From the sawmill to your home: the entire logistics from Betterwood is climate neutral. In order to [...]

Illegal tropical timber is booming – FSC® protects

A new law aims to prevent illegal tropical timber from being imported into Europe. Many importers use [...]

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