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Tropical wood from certified sources: how reliable is that?

Almost every board on the wood market is advertised with the terms “sustainable”, “responsible” and “ecological”. In reality, however, massive clear-cutting, illegal manure and the destruction of valuable rainforest areas are the order of the day. How does that fit together?

Always legal - but rarely sustainable

The discrepancy between advertising and reality can be explained by examining the offers closely. Many traders refer to the legal origin of their wood, as the import of illegally felled material has been prohibited by the EU Timber Trade Protection Act (FLEGT) for over a year. However, the legality says nothing about the type of management, because this is assigned by the authorities of the exporting countries. Here a wood can be considered legal that originally stood in an intact rainforest, which has now been completely destroyed.

Complete control thanks to FSC

The only reliable orientation here is the certificate FSC 100%. This is awarded according to the chain of custody certification system, in English: “chain of custody“. With this COC certification, every part of the retail chain is checked by independent auditors. Forestry, sawmill and traders must prove that they do not sell more certified goods than they received.

All wood products at Betterwood are FSC-certified or in the process of certification. In addition, we are happy to tell you where our wood comes from and according to which principles work is carried out in the forest and sawmill.

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