A comparison of invisible fixings for terraces

Lay decking boards without screws - this goal can be achieved with various fastening systems for wooden terraces. In contrast to a screw connection with decking screws, no screws are visible on the top of the decking board after installation with these systems.

The fasteners differ primarily in the way they are attached to the decking board. Some systems rely on the decking board being screwed on from below, while others work with the board being fastened at the side. The following advantages and disadvantages of the systems were determined in the comparison test:



✓ Decking board can work without loosening x Decking should not work
✓ low risk of splintering x increased risk of splinters due to milling
✓ secure hold x high risk of default
✓ good ventilation of the terrace x Poor drying of the lateral groove
✓ suitable for every decking profile x Lateral grooving of the decking boards necessary
x relatively complex installation ✓ Relatively easy assembly

Systems with screw connection

Systems with side attachment

  • Instant wood clamp connector
  • Festool Domino
  • Hedgehog V2


During assembly, the first thing that convinces is the lateral attachment of the decking board, as it Terrace construction relatively easy succeed. However, in the long run, the systems with the screw connection on the underside are clearly ahead. The models BioMaderas Clip or Sihga DielenFix offer one much better grip for the plank and allow the decking to work without warping or loosening. That's why we have us Betterwood exclusively for them Test-winning systems with a screw connection decided from below.. For a durable and high-quality parquet-style terrace, the additional effort in terrace construction is worthwhile.


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