What is the difference between Teak, Garapa and Cumaru?

Our decking boards achieve the highest durability (according to DIN EN standard), have good to very good technical properties, are kiln-dried to 14% and come from certified forestry. The following is characteristic of the individual types of wood:

Teak - the king wood

Teak decking 125mm FSC

Teak decking

125 mm, concealed screws

teak wood is honey-brown wood, which quickly and beautifully silvers outdoors. The great strength of teak is its dimensional stability and its high oil and rubber content. Because it hardly works, teak has the lowest tendency to form cracks and splinters of all types of wood. This is why even old teak terraces still look very good. Our customers often install teak in the pool area, as there is no more barefoot-friendly and supple type of wood. These properties make teak one of the most valuable types of wood, which is why it is also known as the wood of kings. We offer teak planks in widths of 50 mm, 95 mm and 125 mm.

Cumaru - the heavyweight

Cumaru Lounge, Dallgow-Döberitz

Cumaru Decking

120 mm, visibly screwed

Cumaru is a red-brown type of wood with a dynamic wood grain. Cumaru has a dry weight of 1200 kg/m3, making it one of the heaviest and hardest woods in the world. Because it is particularly hard-wearing, scratch-resistant and robust, this wood is often used on commercial and public areas and even directly in the water for port facilities. Recently, however, many private customers have also chosen Cumaru as an alternative to Ipe. We have Cumaru planks available in widths of 90mm, 120mm and 145mm.

Garapa - the light tropical wood

Garapa decking

145mm, concealed screws, oiled

garapa is a relatively light tropical wood. Its color is reminiscent of oak wood. Its degree of hardness lies between Cumaru and Teak. Since Garapa works a little less than Cumaru, we also opted for relatively wide planks of 145mm. Calculated per square meter, Garapa is our cheapest decking board. Customers who want light tropical wood with an even structure and find teak wood too expensive choose Garapa.

We explain the general criteria according to which you should select decking wood in our online consultation.

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